One thing that always baffles most people who have ever sold (or tried selling) a property in the UK is how some estate agents are able to sell property far quicker than others. Some estate agents can manage to sell a property in as little as 4 weeks, where as other take up to 12 months. This difference is obviously staggering, and if you need to sell quickly for whatever reason, it can be very stressful waiting for a sale to go complete.

topcashofferHowever, we have recently spoken to one of the best estate agents in the UK (top cash offer), with a record of quick sales, who have offered us some house selling advice in order to help you sell without the stresses that generally come with a sale. It will also help you choose the best estate agent in your area.

Tip 1. Redecorate in neutral colours
Nobody like to see your personal tastes when they are viewing a property, they would much rather see their own. Obviously this isn’t possible so the next best thing is to give them a blank canvas to work with. Plain, neutral colours will help a buyer visualise their own furniture and personal belongings in your properties surroundings. If you do want to include furniture when showing prospective buyers round, consider using a home stager who can assist with placing pictures and furniture in the right places.

Tip 2. Outside impressions count.
The first thing that any prospective buyer is going to see is the outside of your home, hence it needs to be in tip top condition. Make sure any brickwork is freshly painted. Also if you have a lawn make sure it looks healthy, and is cut regularly. Oil that squeaky gate and keep bushes and hedges trimmed. Remember this is the first thing a buyer is going to see and it will all make a difference.

Tip 3. Buyer assistance.
If you can offer some proposal to your buyer to help them out with the sale, it will definitely make your home sale stand out from the crowd. This could mean you offer to pay their legal fees, you offer to pay for a valuation or maybe you could offer a gifted deposit.

If you follow these steps we are sure you will be able to sell your home in no time!

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