Selling property quickly is at times difficult, especially when market conditions aren’t particularly great. Even with the latest launch of the governments ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, a number of people still find it difficult to find a buyer for their property.

David Cameron want to try a push the housing market as a catalyst for the entire economy, but will creating ‘false’ money with Help to Buy really be the answer we are looking for? The banks are still not going to lend to potential buyers who have poor credit, and eventually there will be more people who do apply for the scheme, failing to meet monthly repayments on their mortgages.

Our guide to a fast house sale is here to show you that you can find a buyer no matter what the economy is like, and you can get a fast property sale.

Incentivising buyers yourself is the key to selling property quickly. The scheme from the government is really only there to help push property sales, and help to get the market moving. Buyers are enticed in with low deposits, and options to purchase bigger and better property. Even if the scheme completely failed in 2014, there is nothing stopping you offering your buyer a ‘gifted deposit’. This means you are willing to help out your buyer by paying them 10% of their deposit.

If you already have a figure in mind what you want for your property, leave yourself a margin of 10 per cent so you can afford to do this.

Another way of guaranteeing that your home will sell quickly is to offer to pay your buyers legal fees. Any costs that you can take away from your buyer will make your house more appealing in any type of market.

If you are in doubt about how to advertise your property to get a quick sale there is also the option of using a cash buying company. These companies will make you an offer on your property based on a RICS valuation, which will usually be 25 per cent below market value. Having said that, 25 per cent is not a huge amount when you take into consideration that an average estate agent will take up to 6 months to get you a sale. The other added benefit is that you won’t be paying any fees for valuations or legals.

We firstly recommend that you visit this site in order to establish an indicative valuation on your home. This way you know what your property is estimated to be worth. You can then set a figure in your mind what you would hope to achieve and also set your margins.

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